Terrorist Muslim Brotherhood: The Pimp, The Drummer, and The Belly Dancer

Last Updated:  Tuesday, 2013.08.20

"My hips cannot resist Egyptians!"

In vulgar Egyptian culture, a belly dancer is said to be driven by her hips. It is said that hips start to move on their own, followed by an overwhelming desire to perform, which mandates the belly dancer calling her drummer, followed by the pimp who must then step in to collect the money being thrown away on the dance floor!

In the photo above, taken at the 26th of July, 2013 Delegation Demonstrations at Tahrir square in Cairo, the artist who composed the image tried to use the latter vulgar argument to bluntly depict the relationship that ties each: Mohamed Morsi (Pimp), Mohammed Badie (Drummer), and Barak Obama (Belly Dancer).

If we could go with this depiction, then we could say that action takes place first at God knows where in the US, followed by the US calling terrorist Muslim Brotherhood Morshid to tweak the rhythm for the performance, and finally Mohamed Morsi topping the scene with a raid on Egypt's resources.

What do you think led Egyptian people to these conclusions? Oh, what makes every sane Egyptian call MBs terrorists?

I'm not sure about everyone else, but I can answer for myself. It is actually easier to start by answering the second question, because only that gives the heavier sense for the other answer...

if you cannot see video, watch it here

The video above gives a very brief digest of what MBs have done in only one day. The police station attacked in that video is that of Kerdasa , a little town in Giza Governorate. The police station was first knocked with RPG, then all officers were repeatedly wounded and later repeatedly shot to death. The under-cover video that was shot for MBs who did that is below here.

if you cannot see video, watch it here

In above video:
- At second 01:06 to 01:07, a man with white shirt says: "It's over, folks. They have already raided the police station".
- At 01:17 to 01:18, a motorbike with rider holding a rifle.
- At 01:23 to 01:25, a twisted child is hailing God: "Allah Akbar".
- At 01:48 to 01:54, the attackers are retreating with automatic rifles and the now-unloaded RPG-launcher. Twisted men are hailing Prophet Mohammed: "Salli Alannabi"

In Sinai, Egyptian army and Egyptian police troops are being raided. Terrorist Mohamed Beltagy, an MB leader, declares from Rabaa square - before evacuation - that "we do not control events on ground, but (terror) in Sinai will stop the second (General) Alsisi backs off and surrender authority to Mohamed Morsi", he said. How can he be so sure, unless he is related to attackers? He does not even show remorse! However, he is addressing the wrong party, Egyptian army only guards nation's will. Video below...

if you cannot see video, watch it here

Militants, so far, have taken away the lives of dozens in Sinai. Latest of their terrorist attacks was on 2013.08.19, taking away the lives of 25 police troopers at Rafah, Sinai.

My question now goes to you: do you know how Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, former prince of Qatar took over authority? He deposed his own father while on vacation in Geneva, using - for the first time in modern history - a television scam. The plot was to invite all tribe heads in Qatar for a ceremony, and state TV broadcasted the event, showing all tribe leaders warmly saluting Hamad - withtout live audio - while the news reporter was declaring coup d'état. The TV scam was discovered so late after all measures were taken to prevent any possible countercoup.
Hamad engaged an american law firm to freeze his father's bank accounts abroad, forcing his father to live in exile in France and Abu Dhabi until he returned to Qatar in 2004. So?
Terrorist Muslim Brotherhood with the help of Qatar state TV - Aljazeera - was and still is using the same TV scam technique of Hamad. Images and videos of blood on floor and gun shot envelopes are displayed all time. How can they reach empty shot envelopes when they claim they are being hunted by police and army troopers? A gun shot envelope drops only few meters away from shooter. So, who is actually shooting?
Terrorist Muslim Brotherhood claim being peaceful on demonstrations. Here we go...

A Terrorist Muslim Brotherhood member shoots another in Alex. Watch for the peaceful swords and guns! if you cannot see video, watch it here

Terrorist Muslim Brotherhood shoot police at Nahda square, Giza if you cannot see video, watch it here

Ramsis (Azbakia) square attack on police station and civilians if you cannot see video, watch it here

In above video:
- 00:43 to 00:54 a terrorist MB with rifle shooting randomly to wound and/or terrorize observers.
- 01:21 to 01:25 a terrorist MB filling Molotov cocktail.
- 02:00 Police officers over the rooftop of Azbakia(Ramsis) police station.
- 02:16 to 02:35 terrorist MBs holding and shooting automatic rifles.

The warning issued by FPA head in Egypt, Volkhard Windfuhr, confroms with scenes in above video: "Windfuhr stated that protesters are attacking their own state, that they are attacking people at random, churches, stores owned by Christians and public buildings".
"It is not my job as FPA chairman to bother you with political analyses, but I feel forced by my conscience and professional morals to express my strong disappointment that the war which the ‘protesters’ fight against the state of our host country only scarcely finds an adequate due coverage", he said. Off, to Rabaa, Nasr City, Cairo...

Remember the strange corpses of Rabaa, Nasr City, Cairo? Terrorist Muslim Brotherhood claimed they were killed by police and army! With flesh still holding?! These must be fresh killings by TMB... if you cannot see video, watch it here

In the last video, you saw the corpses; here is Terrorist Muslim Brotherhood packing them, before evacuation. Notice that bodies are still holding, not decayed (fresh killings)... if you cannot see video, watch it here

Terrorist Muslim Brotherhood burn Rabaa, Nasr City, Cairo... if you cannot see video, watch it here

Fayoum, 2013.08.19, Terrorist Muslim Brotherhood beat police officer to death. The video is so violent that it could be removed without notice, but you need to see how these minds work (if they do work)...

In above video:
- 00:50 to 00:53 Voice: "No, he is not dead. Not dead, yet".
- 00:58 to 01:01 Voice: "Kill, kill that ...., kill".
- 01:41 to 01:43 Voice: "Still (your officers) shooting at us?"
- 01:44 Voice (reply): "It is one of ours, the one shooting, one of ours".

... to be continued

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