January 25th Egypt

Last Updated:  Friday, 2011.02.04

As much brutal the way the government acted towards facebook, cutting all Internet access and probably bringing many businesses to great loss, including the company I work for, as much insane it is with people on street. As much more insane the government tried to act towards them. The whole situation created fertile ground for parasites to grow on, each claiming Egypt's sake.

The people who went protesting on street have no command. They are facebook-born. Opposition in Egypt has been silenced decades ago, creating political vacuum that only the ruling party can fill. Of course works for them. Many opposition parties are suspect for dealing "under the table" with the ruling party, except for few ones - apparently.

Whoever the parasites were, whatever their identity was, even if government is still telling lies about who is behind vandalism, people on street must go home. These people have no command and cannot fill the political vacuum if chaos is to proliferate. Simply, they were not prepared or even given the chance to prepare to fill such vacuum. Anyone who insists to stay on street is not to be accountable for sound opposition. These who insist to stay on street are losers who do not trust their own power.

The dilemma is, being on street in the middle of greater Cairo, parasites had the chance to vandalize as they could, banks were closed for security reasons and bourse was brought down to its knees, losing %25 of its value.

People protesting on street are also bringing greater Cairo and its businesses to a halt. Cairo accommodate more than 12 million people and during the day the number rises to more than 18 million, and these are old statistics. Tahrir Square - or Liberation Square - is one of the central hubs for traffic in Cairo. If Tahrir is blocked, Cairo traffic is blocked. When Cairo traffic is blocked, daily life is murdered. This is affecting everyone living in greater Cairo, causing loss of business and capital.

People on street were led to speak for varying demands, calling for the "system" to go down without even considering what would go next. I do not support Mubarak for his person, I do not support the current government for its members, but I trust what facebook-born opposition can do. I trust what it can enforce.Thus, I trust that whoever remains in authority will and must listen to the voice of newborn opposition. Hence, I trust that the changes the government promised to commit are and will be taking place.

All Egyptians paid the price for opposition. I was kept at home by the fact that I did not have enough liquidity to use expensive transport means - public means almost vanished - to join crowds or even to just speak my own words. I was not paid for January 2011 like many because all banks were closed.

So, if you happen to have listened to what the UK or the US governments are saying about Egypt, I need to tell you that what they say is their own business. No other country shall or will ever have the right to even just imply what we should do about our own country.

All sane Egyptians are seeking peace, reform and progress. With or without Mubarak. We now have our own say.

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