Children of Chaos: Nasr City Free Zone

Last Updated:  Wednesday, 2013.01.23

Yesterday, Tuesday 2013.01.22 at around 03:00 PM Cairo Local Time, Egypt, a tragedy started taking place. Nasr City Free Zone is under vehicle-siege; no vehicles in, and none out.

As situation got, and is getting, worse while no body seems to really evaluate it seriously, I had to contact the German company Leoni, in an effort to open their eyes on the details of the subject. Read on as it evolves!

A shuttle bus lineup in a failed attempt to break siege, around 05:00 AM CLT.

Bus lineup complete, on hold. Between 1:15 and 1:55 witness the mosque sheikh praising 'hand of God that led to this situation', and how that 'previous attempts - even on way smaller scale - by many failed to achieve anything, until God laid his plans'.

An early encounter between few pissed-off shuttle bus drivers and the demos. Heat is rising by the minute. At the end of the footage I was 'advised' by one bus driver to 'shut it off and walk away. We are not on stage'. I surely did. Following updates will have to be text-only. Without swift intervention, scene is prime candidate for blood.

You may also need to know that Free Zone is Bus-less today. Shuttle buses did not make it out yesterday, so all employees of all companies are coming work on their own, even if they cannot afford it.

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