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About AdminCraft.Net

AdminCraft.Net is owned and operated by myself. My name is Mohammed Khallaf and I have been involved in the field of Systems Engineering/Administration in Egypt for more than a decade, including 8 full years of professional work. I currently work for a domestic Egyptian organization while pursuing my own interests on the little free time I find left every now and then.

I'm also the lead author on this website; whenever you find an article without an author name, then you know I wrote it. Although I keenly encourage my field mates to contribute articles, I seem to get very little to no response at all :)
I'm Probably under-estimating their own needs for free time.

I can't say I'm all into Free Software movement, but I'm an enthusiast. I greatly appreciate the tremendous efforts put in all free and open source software. I also believe that - and I'm quoting Bart Lagerweij of BartPE - "being an Admin is hard enough".

That's why it is crucial to share, reach-out and help others, openly, which is as I believe one core of the Free Software philosophy. This very thought stands behind everything you will find on this site. So, enjoy and have fun.

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