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Terrorist Muslim Brotherhood


In vulgar egyptian culture, a belly dancer is said to be driven by her hips. It is said that hips start to move on their own, followed by an overwhelming desire to perform, which mandates the belly dancer calling her drummer, followed by the pimp who must then step in to collect the money being thrown away on the dance floor!

The 2-Way .NET Rijndael CryptoStream


Every systems engineer needs tools to serve his daily needs at work. These tools do not necessarily come from vendors, they can be done by hand, specially when there is a need for custom ones. One of the tools I needed lately is a TCP client/server application, with the server part running as a Windows service and securely accepting connections from the client part, while serving multiple purposes. Well, the subject itself is not new. How many TCP client/server examples are there around on the web? Countless! It was really easy given that I already have the TcpListener and TcpClient in hand. Once I grabbed the idea, I was able to come out with some sort of an Echo server in less than an hour (experienced programmers could have done that in minutes :)), but that would never be used. Why? Not because it lacks functionality, but just because it lacks SECURITY. Yes, Telnet-like programs are no option, specially when you will run them on a production server. So, I went for the obviously obvious option: cryptography with the .NET CryptoStream. Or, did I? :)

Amazon AWS and NetworkEvolutions


WARNING: This article is FICTITIOUS, all made up from imaginary and literary thoughts. All characters, entities or bodies in this article are fictious and imaginary and relate in no way to real persons, bodies, or entities. Any similarity between details of this article and real life is of absolute coincidence.

As many of you I have to deal with DNS records on regular basis. This story, however, involves a very special case with one of the most imaginary web services providers today, often mentioned in the tales of Glavender the founder of the Internet: NetworkEvolutions! NetworkEvolutions was named after the vast "networks" of illegal migrants from the galactica of Lala.

Google webMail Filer for Thunderbird


Note: This article is out-dated and is kept only for reference. Update here.

Trivially, people get accustomed to mail clients. They use them with caution - at start - then they get used to dumping all sorts of email and - believe it - non email stuff into them until they garble to death. Mail clients; don't get me wrong!

One of my clients had this very issue, where almost all of his users were using Thunderbird for mail client and were having their very unique "filing" system that builds endless hierarchies of folders and subfolders in figures of many thousands into the poor Mozilla Thunderbird. This was actually not a luxury; in most cases work nature mandated this behavior. I need to say that Mozilla did an awesome job on Thunderbird that it kept up all time with this kind of use, of coure with expected degradation in performance, but not to the limit that would have crippled users.

January 25th Egypt


As much brutal the way the government acted towards facebook, cutting all Internet access and probably bringing many businesses to great loss, including the company I work for, as much insane it is with people on street. As much more insane the government tried to act towards them. The whole situation created fertile ground for parasites to grow on, each claiming Egypt's sake.

Google webMail Filer (GWFTB) v2.0


Yes, this is the long-anticipated version 2.0 of your popular Google webMail Filer for Thunderbird, or in short, GWFTB. This time it comes with big enhancements, the most notable of which is Unicode support, among others.

Children of Chaos: Nasr City Free Zone


Yesterday, Tuesday 2013.01.22 at around 03:00 PM Cairo Local Time, Egypt, a tragedy started taking place. Nasr City Free Zone is under vehicle-siege; no vehicles in, and none out.